Siddhansh Shrivastava

Medical graduate 2020

I review medical-related content online, I believe #Coronavirus will change many medical trends and new skills will matter more than numbers on a page


Let’s explore what CanMEDS has to offer. I do an in-depth review of the website contents


The most reliable source that I use, I will give an in-depth breakdown of the various features it offers


The change over from DSM-IV TR to 5 has been all the talk, why?


London, Ontario has a number of hospitals and research centers, not to mention the 7th best Medical school in Canada. I interview Dr. Srivastava, Prof. Emeritus to find out more about this city

Book Review

How to read a paper, or how to not lose face in front of your colleagues. This is a book on evidence-based medicine, what better way to learn this skill than to do a book review on it?


Care of the patient, spoken by Dr. Francis W. Peabody in 1927, is a timeless piece of literature, whose words capture the heart of Medicine and move the reader. Here is my essay in honor of his speech


Saturday, 10th of October, 2020 marked the World Mental Health Day with the overall objective to raise awareness about mental issues around the world and mobilize efforts in support of mental health. I made a short survey and circulated it within my inner circle. Here are the results.

Personal growth

Presentations are performances. Shying away from them is passing up on a wonderful opportunity to learn a number of skills. Here is what I’ve learnt from enjoying making presentations.


International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Shrikant Chinchalkar talks about a variety of topics including sustaining your career during #COVID19

Burning question

How to break stereotypes in the medical circles? I once stepped on a metaphorical rake when I started discussing the new advances in ADHD with a Family Physician who mostly dealt with diabetics and hypertension patients. That was the day I learnt I needed to have backup on what I was speaking.

Personal experience

Well, I did it, I wrote an opinion of mine at the expense of being judged. It would not be a credible notion to promote writing and not bare my own scribbles. Here is a piece on weight loss and health.

Online course

Stanford offered a course on COVID-19 for Healthcare workers, with a shareable and free certificate. I was expecting rather weak information on PPE protocols and general knowledge we all know intuitively by watching the news. I was pleased to be wrong.

Letter of Gratitude

I’ve been waiting for a chance to thank the nurse who sought to me when I had surgery, but that never came. Of all the things COVID-19 had to snatch away, it was my opportunity to walk up to her and read the letter out loud.


April 6, 2019: Advanced Trauma Life Support Workshop @Curacao, a little island in the Caribbean. Sun, sea, sand and surgery!

Online course

John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health offers a course on contact tracing-it definitely opened my eyes to the significance of this exercise, which up till now I had mistook for a peripheral and tired strategy to pursue the goal of prevention in this pandemic. Here are my impressions.

John Hopkins University offers a free online course through about systematic review and meta-analysis with a focus on Cochrane Library. Here are my thoughts after finishing the course.

Rice University offers a free online course through on learning basic Spanish in healthcare setting. Spanish is an auxiliary linguistic skill I feel everybody should have. I review this course and post my thoughts, and with luck, I hope to find it recommendable.

Follow me into my journey of computer science to figure out if genomics is worth getting into. I learn computer science software called ‘R’ which has a sub-software called ‘bioconductor’ made for geneticists to handle large amounts of experimental results.

I take up a course on SkillShare and dive into a lecture series on YouTube about biocoductor, I’m going out of my comfort zone and seeing where it gets me. I’ll post my thoughts about what I learnt.

Issues I care about
  • Genome: The future of medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Global Public Health
Role of epidemiology

At a conference I always find two kinds of doctors, those who chat about their patients, and those who chat about the disease

So which one is thinking ahead? Which one is thinking deeper? Which one is thinking more scientifically?

Just do it

If there is anything worth practicing as a hobby in the branch of medicine, it is writing. It does not have to be worthy of Oxford University, just has to be an original thought. As soon as an inspiration hits, pen your thoughts no matter how incoherent they are. Over time, the habit matures into critical training for medical writing.