Hello, my name is Siddhansh and I completed my medical school in the Caribbean Islands. I’m what I would be known here as an International Medical Graduate (IMG), meaning that not only is it difficult to slide back into the career path of the country I reside in, but with #coronavirus, everything is uncertain. Which has brought me here, to build a persona through means of technology. My website isn’t complete yet, but the scaffolding is there. Like I’ve said before, after #coronavirus is over, medical trends will shift, and more dynamic jobs will materialize. I take it as a blessing in disguise to get creative and expand my skillset.

Today is the 10th of October, 2020 which makes it the World Mental Health Day. If a 5-year old were to ask me why should we care, I would say that mental problems have invisible signs, and people get sick without anyone knowing they are sick. If a 50-year old asked me why should he care, I would tell him mental illness directly correlates with poor functionality, leading to job loss and dependence on the government for support (which sad as it is), puts a burden on the society, soon policies get affected and the system suffers.

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